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Atlanta Area Carpet Cleaning Service

The Carpet Cleaning Company is the Atlanta area’s top business for carpet cleaning services. We help homeowners and businesses alike remedy their carpet issues by using a cleaning and repairing system that prolongs the life of your carpet.

We specialize in ridding carpet of dirt, mildew, animal dander, and allergens. We also repair damage and restretch carpet to its original state while keeping your families health and wellness in mind. More effective than any other Atlanta area carpet cleaning system, the Carpet Cleaning Company process ensures that any odor or allergens trapped in your carpet fibers over the years are removed, leaving you with carpet that looks and smells like new.

A multi-step process is key to successful strain removal and restoration of carpet.


During the first stage of The Carpet Cleaning Company process, our team will scrupulously examine the carpet to locate the areas of concern, (like stains or odors), and decide the best way to address the problems before beginning the cleaning process. Our technicians consider the age of the carpet and how long the problem has existed, as well as the texture and material of the carpet, to decide the method that will be most effective for your unique situation.

Vacuuming and stain removal.

Many other companies go straight in and shampoo a carpet without removing debris and surface dirt that can impede the rest of the cleaning process. Our method ensures that the spot or spill removal that follows can penetrate the carpet, removing visible stains without the obstacle of larger debris like pet hairs or dust.

Apply Our CleaneR, Agitate & Extract

After vacuuming and stain treatment, we use our kid & pet friendly CleaneR (prespray), which effectively gets rid of odors and provides a thorough cleaning without the harsh chemicals or residue that can be unsafe for your family. Then we deep clean the carpet with a process called encapsulation extraction. It works by agitating the carpet fibers and then extracting even the smallest of dirt or allergen particles.

Post Inspection

Following our deep clean treatment, we often groom the carpet if necessary to insure proper drying and beautiful visual appearance. Our final step is a “walk through” to make sure we have done everything you asked for and that you are completely satisfied with the work completed.

At The Carpet Cleaning Company, we aren’t finished with our job until you are 100% satisfied with the results. If you are unhappy after the completion of any carpet or upholstery cleaning, we will promptly return and RE-CLEAN. Want to schedule an estimate or appointment? We are ready to answer your call at 770-887-4359!