Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

At the Carpet Cleaning Company, we don’t just service Atlanta area homes; we do commercial cleaning services as well! Does your office, restaurant or retail location need carpet cleaning? We can handle it with the same quality, speed and efficiency that our residential customers have come to expect and appreciate. 

As a local business, your reputation is everything, and the appearance of your carpet is the first thing your customers see when they walk through the door. Set a positive first impression by keeping your place spot-free and completely clean. The Carpet Cleaning Company is the Atlanta Area’s trusted source for 100% satisfaction and peace of mind in commercial carpet cleaning services. 

Keep Your Carpets Like New

Commercial carpets take a beating every day, with hundreds of people tracking over them, spills, grime, dirt, grime, even mildew build-up causing problems for your business. Dirty carpets can not only be unsightly but can carry phantom odors, and can even act as repositories for allergens that can trigger attacks in your customers. 

The Carpet Cleaning Company is the top source in the Atlanta area for residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We specialize in removing unsightly and even invisible dirt and contaminants from carpets to keep your business looking, smelling and feeling like new. We care about your wellness and that of your staff and clients alike, and that’s why we offer a system that is more effective than any other in the area. 

Our Process

Our carpet cleaning process involves multiple steps, and we believe that this process is the key to complete and effective carpet restoration. It starts with pre-inspection, where our team will conduct a thorough examination of your carpet to identify target areas of greatest need, whether it’s stains, odors or any other issue, and will determine the best means of addressing the options. 

During pre-inspection, we consider the carpet’s age, the length of time the problem has been present, the composition of the carpet and its texture. All of these factors enable us to determine the perfect approach to cleaning. 

The next step is vacuuming and stain treatment. Whereas most companies dive in with a shampoo right away, we work to remove any loose debris with a thorough vacuuming, and then pre-treat the existing stain to ensure that upon cleaning it comes up completely. 

Finally, we tackle the process of Cleaning, Agitation and Extraction. During this stage we prespray with our people and pet-friendly Cleaner, which thoroughly attacks odors and completely cleans without the use of harsh chemicals that can be unpleasant or unsafe for your staff and clients, and won’t damage your carpet. Finally, we apply a deep cleaning process called encapsulation extraction. This process agitates the fibers in the carpet, enabling us to extract even the tiniest allergen and dirt particles. 

It’s not over with the cleaning, though. At the end, we conduct a thorough post-inspection. We will make sure that everything has been as thoroughly cleaned and will perform any needed grooming is done to restore the carpet to a brand-new appearance. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

At the Carpet Cleaning Company, we are so confident that you’ll love our results, we offer a complete, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with the results, we’ll do a complete re-clean for you, and if you’re still hot happy we will give you a 100% refund of services rendered. 

We also back up our work with a spot-free guarantee. For 1 year after a cleaning, we offer discounted rates on all needed spill and spot removal services between cleanings—in fact, up to four spots or spills are half price, with each spot after that only costing $10! 

If you’re not sure that we’re what you’re looking for, give us a call to schedule a no-strings attached test cleaning. If you don’t like the results, you don’t owe a dime. 

Schedule Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Today!

If it’s been awhile since your carpets have been given the treatment they deserve, we’re ready to help. We serve all of North Georgia. Just give us a call at 770-626-0058 or use our handy online form to schedule a free estimate on commercial carpet cleaning services for your business today!