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Atlanta Area Carpet Repair
and Restretch Services

With time, carpet can become uneven and wrinkled. At The Carpet Cleaning Company, we provide services that include the re-stretching or repair of damaged or buckled carpet. We make customer satisfaction our mission and can repair even the most frayed or hopeless cases of carpet.

carpet stretching


Carpet Restretching

Carpet re-stretching is exactly what it sounds like. Carpets will often become raised in some areas after a while, because the carpet is not stretched to the size of the room, resulting in too much carpet that bulges and lumps up. These unsightly wrinkles can be a safety hazard, as well as make navigation around a room or moving furniture difficult. At The Carpet Cleaning Company, we have experienced carpet technicians and extensive equipment to aid in fixing the problem before it gets worse.

If you decide to have The Carpet Cleaning Company re-stretch your carpet, you won’t be disappointed by re-buckling of your carpet a few weeks down the line. As customer service is our top priority, if your experience is unsatisfactory in any way, we’ll work until the problem is resolved.

Carpet Repair

Problems like burns, rips, tears, fraying, deep stains or water damage can be repaired by the skilled technicians at The Carpet Cleaning Company.

Wear and tear is natural in any home, and the fibers of many carpets are susceptible to more damage than other harder flooring. Over the years our customers have been comforted by the fact that we can handle nearly any issue, big or small, that they have with carpet or flooring they know we will stop at nothing to ensure perfection and customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the services we provide.



The Carpet Cleaning Company Difference

When you call The Carpet Cleaning Company, you have chosen Atlanta’s most reliable choice for professional carpet repairs. We are always committed to the satisfaction of our customers and provide prompt, courteous service at all times. In need of some emergency carpet help? We even offer 24/7 rapid-response repairs so that our team is available when others aren’t.

Call us today at (770)-887-4359 for more information about our great services!

Carpet Cleaning Customer-Service

At The Carpet Cleaning Company, we aren’t finished with our job until you are 100% satisfied with the results. If you are unhappy after the completion of any carpet or upholstery cleaning, we will promptly return and RE-CLEAN. Want to schedule an estimate or appointment? We are ready to answer your call at 770-887-4359!