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Carpet Cleaning Company- Dahlonega, Georgia

Picture all of the good things about living in a mountain town in North Georgia, and you’ve got Dahlonega. Wineries, local restaurants, festivals, beautiful mountain scenery and a quiet pace of life are all things you can expect when visiting or living in Dahlonega.

A walk around the historic downtown square will present you with bearded musicians sitting on benches playing old bluegrass tunes. Motorcycles rumble through town as student waiters from the nearby college take food out to locals and visitors. People bring their dogs out for a stroll or take their children to the General Store for some candy. If Dahlonega seems like a town stuck in the simplicity of the old days, that’s because it is.

Founded after the discovery of gold, Dahlonega is a town so steeped in tradition and quiet life that the people who live there can’t imagine another way to be. Because of this, it isn’t easy to bring a new business into town without everyone’s approval. Over the years The Carpet Cleaning Company has earned the trust of the people of Dahlonega through hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction.

The city of Dahlonega comes to The Carpet Cleaning Company first with their carpet cleaning needs, especially when it comes to pet stain and odor removal. Because pet urine and other stains can be tricky to get out of carpet, customers call us knowing that we have the solution. We don’t just treat surface stains but go deep down into the fibers of carpet to ensure that particles and odor aren’t trapped to resurface later.

If we can win over the hearts of small town Dahlonega, we have no doubt you will be satisfied with our services too!

Carpet cleaning in Dahlonega

At The Carpet Cleaning Company, we aren’t finished with our job until you are 100% satisfied with the results. If you are unhappy after the completion of any carpet or upholstery cleaning, we will promptly return and RE-CLEAN. Want to schedule an estimate or appointment? We are ready to answer your call at 470-505-8557!