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Hardwood and Tile Cleaning Services

Hardwood floors are more popular than ever before. Along with being at the top of every homebuyer’s list, hardwood also adds value and ease of cleaning to any home that just isn’t possible with carpet. Not only are they much easier to manage and care for than carpet or other fibrous flooring, but they add a look of style and refinement to any home or business.

hardwood floors in kitchen

How We Can Help

Though traditional, at-home cleaning methods like sweeping or mopping are great for keeping a hardwood floor clear of unwanted debris, they don’t help maintain the beauty of hardwood or tile floors. Some homeowners even resort to using chemicals or other harsh, abrasive means to clean their floors, but this can lead to greater damage in the long run by breaking down sealants and causing other surface issues.

If your floors have lost their original luster, you probably need professional floor cleaning. At The Carpet Cleaning Company, we use a variety of cleaning methods that don’t include harsh chemical smells, and will leave your hardwood floors looking beautiful.

Why choose The Carpet Cleaning Company for your hardwood and tile floors?

Our process starts with extracting the urine from the inside out. Treating the problem from the ground up will rid the carpet and underlying layers of smells and stains entirely, instead of treating the problem like a regular home or pet stain cleaner by only addressing the surface.

Our carpet, tile and hardwood cleaning professionals have been in this business a long time. Because of this, we know the best techniques and have some of the best equipment in the industry. Our being up to date on the latest technology means that you get the best and most effective cleaning services in the Atlanta area.

At The Carpet Cleaning Company, we aren’t finished with our job until you are 100% satisfied with the results. If you are unhappy after the completion of any carpet or upholstery cleaning, we will promptly return and RE-CLEAN. Want to schedule an estimate or appointment? We are ready to answer your call at 770-887-4359!