Family Friendly Carpet Cleaning

At The Carpet Cleaning Company we offer straight forward and easy to understand pricing. Some companies like to confuse you with different packages, pricey add ons and too many options. Others try to trick you by not mentioning their room size limits, trip charges or what their cleaning prices even cover. Clean is clean and over complicating it is just another way for our competitors to offer a sweet price over the phone and change it up once they are in your home. You deserve to get a quality clean at a simple price without all the tricks.

Our Cleaning Includes: A Thorough Vacuuming, Spot Treatment of Spots and Spills, a Kid & Pet Safe Deep Clean & a 30 Day Guarantee. The only thing your cleaning does not include is our Uh Oh Accident CleaneR for discoloration and smell caused by pet stains. No extra cost for dirty carpet or because your 2 floors up, just simply clean at a simple price.

No Trip Chargers OR Up-Selling, Just Clean & Simple Carpet Cleaning

2 Rooms $100

3 Rooms & A Free Hallway $140

4 Rooms & A Free Hallway $180

5 Rooms & A Free Hallway $220

6 Rooms & A Free Hallway $260

7 Rooms & A Free Hallway $300

8 Rooms & A Free Hallway $340

9 Rooms & A Free Hallway $380

Do you have pet stains & odors? We offer Uh-Oh Accident Cleaner (urine treatment) to solve all of your pet problems. Please give us a call at 470-505-8557 for pricing.

Rug Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

No games & No Gimmicks, Just Simple Pricing.